On the eve of Republic Day (26th Jan 2017), students of the science club planted about 25 plants in the middle school. These included fruit trees and medicinal plants. The students of the club have promised to take care of the plants.


The school celebrated the 34th Investiture Ceremony on the 29th of September 2017. The new team of leaders is as under:

Head Boy: Omkar Yadav
Head Girl: Nikita Jadhav
Asst. Head Boy: Rushil Shriva
Asst. Head Girl: Urja Merchant

  Red Blue Green Yellow
House Captain Tanushka Sarang Akshat Deo Mukulika Pahari Neha Gholap
Asst. House Captain Rathin Nair Nupur Gadekar Jordan Fernandes Aditi Shukla
Discipline Captain Aditi Yadav Blessy Varghese Pranav Chavare Arya Ghule
Dramatics Captain Tanvi Deshpande Sejal Satam Adishea Selvaraj Kabir Rathod
Sports Captain Akhilesh Sreekumar Aafreen Ali Urvi Patil Anuksha Patil


Photos of the Science Fair organized on 4th Feb 2017.


On the sidelines of the Independence Day Celebrations, the school leaders organized the 2nd Balbhavan Day. A trend started by leaders of the 2015-2016 batch, the Balbhavan Day is a fun day for our little friends from the Agnels Balbhavan. A number of fun activities and games were organized by the leaders for the kids. Both the kids and the leaders had a great time as can be seen from the photos.