MD's Message

“Dream, Dream, Dream
Dreams transform into thoughts
And thoughts result in action”.

There is no plateau in this earthly life, where you can pitch your tent and rest for good. You either move upwards or go backwards; this is the challenge of life. Reaching the top may be easy but to remain there is difficult. So, while we take a few moments’ pause to celebrate with gratitude, the completion of forty years of our memorable journey in Navi Mumbai, we also need to pump in fresh energy and vigour to continue the journey at an elevated level.

“What a great feeling it is to be among young people bubbling with creativity and enthusiasm! What a great responsibility the elders of this country have at hand to guide this tremendous energy in a constructive way for nation building! How can we make up for missed opportunities and failures of the past?”- these are some very poignant observations of our honourable ex-President, APJ Abdul Kalam.

These words of our great visionary leader touch a very special chord in our heart because we, the Agnel Ashram fathers have consciously chosen to envisage and strive to play a significant role in building a united, peaceful and strong India on the strength of value based education. Hurdles, setbacks and difficulties will be there but as Abraham Lincoln rightly said, "let us determine that things can and will be done, and then we shall find the way”.

Education, besides helping children to face challenges of the present times, must also sow the seeds of empathy, genuineness and respect in them. It is important to build in children, the attitude to accept and respect the unique greatness of every individual being- no matter to which community, class or religion he/she belongs to, no matter what his/her abilities or disabilities are. Nature, time and again teaches us that this universe has a special place for every being and we are all meant to live and grow together peacefully.

Let us therefore, rekindle our faith in our motto ”Love your neighbour as yourself”, our belief in the importance of value based education, our efforts to bring about all round development in children and our conviction about the need for an ‘Inclusive’ environment in our schools and colleges. Let us channelize our energies to inspire our youth to grow into socially responsible, genuine and courageous leaders of tomorrow.

Fr. S. Almeida
Managing Director
Fr. Agnel Multipurpose School and Jr. College