The School has the following clubs which encourage students to pursue their own passions:

  • Science and Astronomy Club.
  • Gavel Club.
  • Scholastic Bool Club

Science and Astronomy Club

The Science and Astronomy club is designed to nurture the interest for science in our budding young scientists of class 7 and 8. Meetings are held once a week after school between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm. Students of class 7 meet on Friday and students of class 8 meet on Wednesday. Star gazing sessions are organized from the school terrace once a month.

The students decide on the theme of the day based on the most pressing questions that they have. Students are encouraged to collect information about the theme, make models or do research on the topic and present the same during the meetings. This approach not only develops their scientific skills but also their presentation skills. Field trips and guest lectures from scientists are also organized for the members of the club. Students who are part of the club and are keen on appearing for competitive exams like the Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition, Science Olympiads and NTSE in higher classes have an option of joining the Guidance Program for Competitive Exams which is conducted in the school for students of class 9 and 10.

Portable planetarium project by Agnelites

Tree plantation by members of Science Club

Gavel Club

Gavel clubs are a way of providing the Toastmasters experience to students. The Toastmasters is an internationally renowned program that helps participants to improve their public speaking and leadership skills. The members of the Agnel's Gavel Club are students of class 8 to 12. Meetings are typically held every Wednesday between 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm in our Sector 10 building.

The meetings involve a lot of preparation beforehand depending on the role the student has volunteered to play. The meeting is anchored by the Gavelier of the Day (GOD). A typical meeting begins with "Prepared Speeches". Prepared speeches are based on a planned criteria wherein each speech has specific objectives. This helps to students overcome their stage fright and to improve speaking skills like body language, voice modulation, use of audio/visual aids etc. Next comes the "Table Topics" session. In this students have to give an impromptu speech on a topic selected by the Table Topics Master (TTM). The topics are based on the theme of the day and the students need to make use of the word of the day in their speech. This session is all about helping students think on their feet. The last session is the "Evaluations" which is hosted by the General Evaluator. While some Gaveliers have been giving their prepared speeches and impromptu speeches, others have observing and making notes of the Grammarian, the Ah-Counter and the Timer. The Grammarian keeps a check on the correct usage of grammar, the ah-counter counts the 'ahs', 'ums' and other filler words accidentally used by the speakers and the time keeps a track of time used by all the speakers. Prepared speeches also have dedicated Evaluators who evaluate the speech given by one speaker keeping in mind the objective and progress of the speaker. Evaluating others not only helps them to learn from other people's mistakes, but also helps them improve their listening skills. Being part of the Gavel club not only helps students to improve their public speaking skills but also helps them develop their leadership skills which will help them be successful in whatever path they choose.

Membership Fee: Rs. 1500.

For more details you can contact the mentors of the Gavel's Club - Vijaya Miss, Tejas Sir, Vaishali Miss or Chitra Miss.

Gavel Club Photos