Our Faculty

The School Management takes pains in selecting staff of high calibre with the required qualifications and practical skills, effectively proved with long experience. In their selection, special care is taken to pick up candidates who are committed, in words and deeds, to the cause of building a strong India, a well united India, and a great India. In order to achieve the above goal, preference is given to those who strongly believe in secularism and socialism, and are proud of our genuinely Indian values and culture.

Presently the Agnel family of Vashi has a strong team of 160 trained teachers in the school & Jr. college (Pre-primary – XII). The fact that many of them have completed more than 15 years of service speaks volumes of the bonding and sense of belonging they have for the institution.

Of the 54 teachers in High School and Jr. College, 15 are appointed as moderators, 26 as Examiners and 1 as IT coordinator by the Maharashtra Board of Secondary Higher Secondary Education. A number of Agnel teachers have received awards various prestigious organization over the years.

Remarkable Achievements by our Teachers

Mrs. Vijaya Vaithilingam
Mentor and School Advisor also NIOS Head
Let’s talk Inclusion Guest Speaker - Small steps can lead to big successes (https://www.facebook.com/iforinclusion/videos/1331910870602847)
Let’s talk Inclusion Guest Speaker - Enabling Inclusive Education Challenges and Solutions (https://www.facebook.com/iforinclusion/videos/432310668446586)
Let’s talk Inclusion Guest Speaker - Neurodiversity Celebration Week (https://www.facebook.com/iforinclusion/videos/518583383110129)

Mrs. Snigdha Roy
Parisar Asha Ask The Expert Teachers as Counselors - Speaker (https://youtu.be/IAkQK1dEbRE)

Mrs. Rupa Duvvuri
Vice Principal
Parisar Asha – Emotional Wellbeing Conclave – Guest Speaker (https://youtu.be/jo9zwKLLFas)
Parisar Asha – Positive Parenting and Child - Guest Speaker
Parisar Asha – Reopening Pre Schools - Guest Speaker
Received the Gloria Dsouza International Award for Best Educator in 2020.
Educator Excellence Award – Navi Mumbai Stars Awards by Awaaz Today in 2021.
Rupa Sudhakar

Mr. Ravindran Nair
Head - Sports Dept
Hon Gen Secretary Thane District Basketball Association for past 40 years.
Associate Secretary Maharashtra State Basketball Association for past 35 years.

Mrs. Maya Bhalerao
Teacher in Junior College
Jury Member Mumbai Division Junior College Science Exhibition 2020

Mrs. Sandhya Sabulal
Teacher in Junior College
Writer and Panelist in the Editorial Team of Junior College Chemistry Book, Chetna Publications 2020.

Mrs. Talat Zafar
Teacher in High School
Received the Gloria Dsouza International Award for Best Educator in 2021.

Mrs. Mukta Verma
Teacher in High School
Member Editorial Board of Antar Rashtriya Parishad Mahila Prakoshtha Mumbai Zilla Maharashtra
Master of Ceremony at Raj Bhavan for a book launch by TOI group by Hon. Governor of Maharashtra

Mrs. Madhuri Bhandarkar, Mrs. Emie Pais, Mr. Pradeep Patil, Mr. Shivaji Bhagwat, Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Patgaonkar, Mr. Purushottam Poojary, Mrs. Sanjeevani Shinde, Mrs. Vaishali Thomas, Mrs. Madhavi Rao
Received the Best Teacher Award from various prestigious organisations in 2020 and 2021.